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Véronique Ferrero Delacoste, artistic and executive director 
Annabel Glauser, production manager

Philippe Oberson, communication manager
Milena Pellegrini, executive manager

foundation board

Pierre Wahlen, president
Chloé Besse
Yan Duyvendak
Alexandre Kaspar
Milko Mantero
Federica Martini
Nicole Seiler

extended festival team 2019

Ana-Isabel Mazón, press relations
Margaux Duc, production/communication intern
Julie Dubois, participatory projects intern
Sophie Tschachtli, ticket office
Guillaume Pellay, reception and facilities manager
Thomas Brodmann, logistics and construction Manager
Eclipse - Michaël Golay, technical
mcbd architects, design of the space of the cour des Marchandises
Fabio Visone, Pablo Lavalley, website
Julien Gremaud, Alexandre Morel, videos
Jocelyne Fracheboud, graphic design (festival prints)
Maryse Charlot, proofreading/French (festival program)
AJS Craker, translation (festival program)
Lisa Yahia-Cherif, translation of the website content (except festival program)
Arya Dil, festival photographer
Julien Gremaud, Extra Time photographer
Yann Bétant, Alexandre Morel, Extra Time videographers

thanks to the volunteers