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Adina Secretan (ch)

Adina Secretan is Associate Artist of far° festival 2017-2018, a programme that aims to assist her in her creative work and provide her with new research tools as well as greater exposure. The far° team supports the Associate Artist, providing theoretical guidance in the form of mentoring and organising meetings with researchers, scientists and experts from various fields.

Choreographer, stage director, dancer and playwright, Adina Secretan is already well-versed in the performing arts. Nevertheless, she evokes a turning point in her career, which seems the ideal time to join the far° festival programme. Enjoying national and international recognition which enables her to tour with her shows, she now has to adopt a rate of production more suited to the ‘culture’ of performing arts. Aware of the advantages and traps of such a culture, she considers this mentoring as an antidote, a means of providing her with ‘the possibility of moving away from an economy of production to enter an ecology of creation’, as she likes to put it. It is indeed an open form that the artist reinvents time and time again, a field of collaborative research.

Presented at far° :

2016 :
 Black Buvette
2017 : Mama Helvetica
2018 : Hoy por Hoy · Exercices d’indépendance au jour le jour
2019 : Les bonnes œuvres