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Extra Time

The Extra Time project is intended to support, extend and stimulate the work of young Swiss artists. The participants come as much from the field of the performing arts than from other disciplines of the contemporary arts. Their common characteristic resides in their wish to intensify their work within the performing arts. For far°, they may as such shed new light upon their art and develop original processes as to how to approach a stage or any other type of formats. To this effect, Extra Time offers artistic guidance that enables the artists to realize an original work while continuing to work on the development process of a short pre-existing piece, or to get involved with a completely new project. The program then becomes an opportunity for the artists to sharpen and test their hypothesis, in order to present their work during the festival. Over a several months period, they will have the opportunity to benefit from follow-ups by a professional, who will provide a theoretical analysis, a critical observation and practical tools that will allow questioning and sharpening of the work. The Extra Time program provides support for production and also contributes to enhancing the visibility and dissemination of their work.


Julie Bugnard & Isumi Grichting, Eve Chariatte, Bernadette Köbele
artistic guidance : Adina Secreta

Adaline Anobile, Baptiste Cazaux, Anne-Lise Tacheron
artistic guidance : Myrto Katsiki

Miriam Coretta Schulte, Romain Daroles, Trân Tran
artistic guidance : Michèle Pralong

Mathilde Aubineau, Joëlle Fontannaz, Maximilan Reichert
artistic guidance : Christophe Wavelet

Rébecca Balestra, Stéphanie Rosianu, Oliver Roth
artistic guidance : Yan Duyvendak

Milena Keller & Valerie Keller, Andrea Marioni, Loan Nguyen
artistic guidance : Éric Vautrin