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Artistic residency
Mil M2 (cl)

In the context of a future Swiss and South American art exchange programme launched by Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council in the autumn of 2017, far° has invited Mil M2 for an artistic research residency. For three weeks before and during the festival, the art collective will open several fields of dialogue with Nyon’s inhabitants as well as artists, including Adina Secretan and Jessica Huber, scheduled at far°. The aim of these exchanges is to compare the approaches of artists hailing from different cultural, geographic and political contexts. Although issues pertaining to the right to space and to notions of living and welcoming resonate in their various approaches, the role and function of the artistic process to address them differs. This residency revolves precisely around the similarities and differences of the role of art in relation to society.

Space, participation, art
an interview with Mil M2, Adina Secretan and Anna Rispoli
programme far° festival 2017

about the artists
 : Mil M2 (One Thousand Square Meters) is an interdiciplinary artist collective, focused on the temporary use of vacant infrastructure and the collective generation of knowledge. Its mission is to develop -through temporary use projects –prototypes of self-organized cultural institutions and devices, linked to specific infrastructure, communities and territories. Over the last three years, Mil M2 has explored the relationship between the art and community engagement, through a series of public programs, performances and installations.