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Laboratoire de la pensée

Throughout the festival, le Laboratoire de la pensée wants to invite curious minds to deepen their experience of the performing arts. As a true ally to a good reception of the works, it provides room for discussion, as well as a creative approach to writing, by favouring reactivity and openness to questioning. In that way, each member of the audience is encouraged to become both an activist and a producer of meaning. This lab is lead by a professional from the field of the performing arts, and comes in two distinct parts – les Balises and l’Atelier d’écriture - a writing workshop. It wishes to enable links between the festival’s artistic program and the audience, by providing playful, generous and spontaneous events.

Les invité·e·s (the guests)
Every year, far° festival invites two specialists of the performing arts. These guests are encouraged to contribute on various levels: introducing the Balises workshop, conducting the writing workshop, as well as meetings with the Watch & Talk artists-in-residence in the frame of the Artistic Guidance). The central point in their attendance is to provide theoretical input in regard to all the artistic proposals that can be seen during the festival. In connection to their own topics of research, the guests enriche the reception of works, and are able to initiate and fuel discussions in connexion to the shows.

Les Balises take place before and after a performance, in order to allow a time for meeting and exchanging. As a reference to the current festival’s title, the guest creates links between topics of his or her choice with the evening’s performance. On several occasions, les Balises shed light on the variety of approaches to a performance, while simultaneously revealing the very structure and staging of the festival itself. These times-out are intended for everyone, and aim at welcoming the performances and extend their reception, without trying to crystallize one unique perspective.

Atelier d’écriture (writing workshop)
Under the shape of a summer school, this writing workshop aims at tackling the performing arts though the lens of writing, thus encouraging the spectator-writer to become both an activator and a producer of meaning. Putting thoughts on paper, or shaping them visually, can effectively contribute in formulating, developing and sharing them. Under the supervision of a professional, participants - drama or art-school students as well as regular festival-goers – can enjoy an educational and privileged work-frame and discuss the performances seen during the festival. This workshop also includes times to meet numerous artists and professionals who are attending the festival. The results of this workshop may be the production of a written item or the creation of a blog.


 —  guest : Tiago Bartolomeu Costa
2011 —  guest : Yvane Chapuis
2012 —  guest : Franz Anton Cramer
2013 —  guest : Bojana Bauer
2014 —  guest : Lou Forster
2015 —  guest : Éric Vautrin
2016 —  guest : Sandra Nœth
2017 —  guest : Paula Caspão
2018 —  guest : Laurent Pichaud
2019 —  guest : Alix Eynaudi
2020 —  guest : Sébastien Grosset
2021 —  guest : L'AJAR