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Get in touch with Laurent Pichaud and the artistic team of the project ...en jumelle

Publié le 01.02.2021

Curious to connect with artists from the four corners of a world and collaborate on a new work? Read on!

The second installment of the Communs singuliers series invites you to participate in a collective work imagined by Laurent Pichaud and his artistic team. Entitled ...en jumelle · en correspondance, this project invites you to devise perceptive experiences in your immediate environment, home, or surroundings, and to find a way to share them. It might be a letter, a drawing, a photo, or any rendering of your choice that can be sent by mail. Experiments are welcome, no practice or technique required, and the project is open to all. Following registration, you will receive an introductory post card in the mail with more details. You will send your response to a member of the artistic team who might live in Switzerland, Belgium, France, Portugal or the United States. As the weeks go by, you will receive other mailings inviting your responses, and the correspondence will thus extend until the summer. This collective proposal seeks to invent ways to create and maintain links between people over geographic distance, to stimulate a quotidian creativity, and to provoke "local" artistic experiences that can be shared and played with across space. With the Covid-19 pandemic we are living through, it is more urgent than ever to explore what brings us together.

Artistic team :
Adaline Anobile (performer / Brussels), Eve Chariatte (performer / Biel), Laura Kirshenbaum (performer / Montpellier), Catarina Miranda (performer / Porto), Laurent Pichaud (choreographer, performer / Nîmes), David Skeist (composer, performer / New-York), Cédric Torne (visual artist, performer / Marseillan)


How to participate?

– send your full name and postal address to :
 Thank you for your answers, 91 people answered the call, we are delighted! Registration is now closed.


More info :
en correspondance is part of a constellation of projects grouped under the title ...en jumelle. This site specific work questions the relationship between community and otherness by relying on the principle of twinned municipalities: what room do we leave for others, the elsewhere and the faraway in our daily lives? And what happens if people ask themselves and practice the same question, simultaneously, hundreds of kilometers away? Begun at the Uzès danse festival in 2019, this project has been developing in the far° and in the district of Nyon since the autumn of the same year. In the summer of 2020, Laurent Pichaud and his artistic team presented two new projects during the living arts factory: …en jumelle · parcours jumelé and …en jumelle · partage des eaux & vents. (Excerpts to (re)discover in the introduction and at the end of this video).


Biographical notes:
Dancer, choreographer and researcher, Laurent Pichaud develops a practice of choreographic gesture outside the walls of cultural institutions. The relationship of bodies in/to a space is the basis of his poetic and political exploration of reality. With a participatory approach that renews itself through encounters, he proposes sensitive experiences that reinvent living together.