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Dîners anecdotiques

Zoé Cadotsch (CH)


duration : approx. 180’ (in french)
performance in french

In 18th century salons, the ability to recount insightful little stories was a major asset of the art of conversation, as rumours and court secrets fuelled people’s taste for the private lives of the powerful. Zoé Cadotsch addresses anecdotes of all periods, types and origins. Fascinated with how they circulate, from the oral to the written form, from fiction to reality and back, she established the International Anecdotes Archives Centre in 2016 to collect this volatile and changing material. This summer, Cadotsch will welcome her guests to Prangins Castle for a delicious meal. In these breathtaking surroundings, every effort is made for the guests to feel comfortable and risk sharing or re-appropriating a few anecdotes themselves. Maybe then this small one-off community will add a bunch of new stories to our common heritage.

concept, direction: Zoé Cadotsch, collective work / host: Mélanie Foulon, Julien Basler / head cook: Laurent Nicolas / history and linguistic guidance: Karine Abiven / production: Cie Ruya Connection, far° Nyon / coproduction: Musée national suisse – Château de Prangins