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Ça flotte ou ça coule?

Pamina de Coulon / cie BONNE AMBIANCE (CH)


duration : approx. 45’ (incl. travel time)
performance in french | take your bathing suit if you wish!

Ça flotte ou ça coule? (‘Does it float or does it sink?’) Such is the nursery school exercise that this new production is based on, steeped in the concept of ocean life*. Standing in the lake or on a makeshift raft, reciting quotes and personal stories, Pamina de Coulon points to a possible way out, faced with the state of our modern world, i.e. leaving Earth or simply leaving the shores of reason, away from the Garden of Eden, to discover how to return to the primordial waters we left behind in ancient times. If living in water is somewhat difficult for us nowadays, the artist reminds us that we have some pretty awesome technical knowledge to overcome this problem. Either way, we should be ok!

*The concept of ocean life suffuses the vast trans-disciplinary FIRE OF EMOTIONS research project that Pamina de Coulon has been developing since 2014 and of which this performance is a part.

Le far° met l’eau à la bouche
Le Temps, 17 août 2017
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concept, direction: Pamina de Coulon, Alice Dussart and Robin Mignot – cie BONNE AMBIANCE / performance: Pamina de Coulon / production: cie BONNE AMBIANCE, far° Nyon

about the artist : Pamina de Coulon (born 1987) is a young Swiss maker with a background in theater, visual arts and design. Her work can be described as 'spoken essays': Pamina makes speeches in which she borrows elements of stand-up comedy, self-help books and radio chronicles. For her texts she uses techniques like autosuggestion, free speech and free association (as used in psychoanalysis). Pamina's performances are disarming, life questioning experiences in which form and content are perfectly aligned. The performances crazily plunge into an intelligent, chaotic and above all intriguing realm of thought.