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Le langage dessiné
de l’idée

Darren Roshier (CH)


duration : approx. 25'
performance in french | free access

Darren Roshier was Associate Artist of far° since 2015, a support programme he will now complete with the production of a book Le langage dessiné de l’idée (‘The Drawn Language of Ideas’), published by far°. Although he had never worked with this format until now, he thought it might help him expand his artistic approach and further his reflection on narration. Darren Roshier admits to having a special relationship with books, whether theoretical literature, art books or sketchbooks. All come with his work. Art books deepen his knowledge of a practice, theoretical literature fuels his thought processes and his sketchbooks collect maturing ideas in the form of drawings and other thought patterns. And it is on this latter aspect, i.e. thought patterns, that Le langage dessiné de l’idée focuses—a series of drawings designed like an intellectual and playful journey through a creative process. During this launch, the artist will present his book in the form of a conference-performance.

Darren Roshier croque ses idées
24 Heures, 18 décembre 2017
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