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Light Years Away

Edurne Rubio (ES,BE)

Swiss premiere

duration : 60’
spanish / french subtitles

With Light Years Away, Edurne Rubio relates a peculiar family story. Between the 60s and the 80s, his father and two brothers were members of the Edelweiss speleology club which discovered the Ojo Guareña, one of the largest caves in the world, located in the North of Spain. After the Civil War, under Franco’s dictatorship, the three men found in this cave a way of fleeing a daily life of poverty and solitude—a sense of freedom they lacked on the surface, in the very conservative city of Burgos. At times faceless documentary, at times torch-lit performance, Light Years Away probes this subterranean world like a living environment filled with explorers, prehistoric men, animals and tourists. Let yourself be guided by speleologists in the darkness of a theatre through the deepest recesses of your imagination.

balise 03– wednesday august 16th, 08:30 pm and after the performance, cour de l'Usine
meeting and discussion (in french) about Light Years Away

Sous terre avec Edurne Rubio
RTS, La 1ère, 16 août 2017
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NRTV fait sa Culture
Nyon Région Télévision, 31 août 2017
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with the spelunkers: Teresiano Antón, Miguel Angel del Alamo, Fernando Javier Benito, Fortunato Lázaro, Ana Isabel Ortega, Pedro Plana, Miguel Ángel Martín , Pablo Martín, Fernando del Río, Elías Rubio, Eliseo Rubio, Gabriel Rubio, Palmira Rubio, Francisco Ruiz and Carmen Vadillo

concept, performance: Edurne Rubio / sound: David Elchardus / camera: Alvaro Alonso de Armiño, Gregorio Méndez & Sergi Gras / editing: Edurne Rubio / artistic advice: María Jerez, Loreto Martinez Troncoso, Jan De Coster, Didier Demorcy / technique: Gregor Van Mulders & David Elchardus / production: Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek / coproduction: Beursschouwburg, Kunstencetrum BUDA / support: Vlaams Gemeenschap, Vlaams Gemeenschapscommissie, Grupo de Espeleología Edelweiss, Monumento  Natural de  Ojo Guareña Burgos de la red de Espacios Naturales de la Junta de Castilla y León, Fundación de Patrimonio Natural  de Castilla y León, Netwerk, centrum voor hedendaagse kunst, Espacio Tangente, "What is third", Casa Encendida / thanks: Christophe Albertijn, Saray Alonso, Damna Barredo, Mathilde Besson, Ana Buitrago, Yann Betant, Charo Calvo, Geni Diez, Eric Dewamme, Caroline Daish, Ivan Jadin, Sara Manente, Mayte Martinez, Ana Belén Palacios, Irene Rojas, Maxime Vertruyssen, Paul Xhaard, Groupe de Recherches Spéléologiques de Comblain-au-Pont, L’atelier AP BAC 3 de l’Erg and AD HOC sound services

about the artist : Edurne Rubio (born in 1974) is a visual artist working in the fields of exhibitions, performance, cinema and architecture. She makes very often  in-situ projects in public space. Her research has always been related to the individual or collective perception of time and space. Interested in contexts that make perception a given variable and mutant, forgotten or archived, she seeks to associate or contrast ways of perceiving reality with the aim of creating a second composed reality. In recent years, her work has got closer to documentary and anthropology, using interviews, archive images and research on oral communication.