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Quatre hectares

Anna Rispoli & Britt Hatzius (IT,BE,DE,UK)


duration : approx. 40’ (+ travel time)

Quatre hectares (‘Four Hectares’) is the size of a field to the north of Nyon. On one side busy cranes keep erecting new buildings while on the other, the few remaining fields, through which a motorway and a railway line run, spread all the way to the Jura mountain range. Quatre hectares is also a docu-fiction on the mechanisms of the land market in the Canton of Vaud. Taken over by the children of Nyon, the field becomes a playground, a site in which a variety of urban planning scenarios can be played out. Together with these young citizens, Anna Rispoli and Britt Hatzius lead an investigation into the workings of the local real estate market: How does one sell, buy, build or value? Rarely consulted on these issues, the children stir up a noisy ceremony made up of mud and light, an anarchy-tinted Sabbath to express their vision of the future. Will their voices be heard?

Follow the reading with : Space, participation, art, an interview with Mil M2, Adina Secretan and Anna Rispoli.

Et si les enfants réinventaient le paysage urbain nyonnais?
La Côte, 16 août 2017
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Des enfants imaginent l’avenir de urbanisme
24 Heures, 17 août 2017
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Attualità culturale
Rete Due, 21 août 2017
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NRTV fait sa Culture
Nyon Région Télévision, 31 août 2017
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concept, direction: Anna Rispoli, Britt Hatzius / dramaturgy: Ant Hampton / performance: (tba) / production: far° Nyon

about the artists : Anna Rispoli (born in 1974) lives and works in Brussels. Her solo work focusing on unexpected usages of shared territories through participatory practice, Anna Rispoli questions conceptual possibilities and esthetical options between public spaces and private territories. Together with ZimmerFrei, the Bologna based collective she co-founded, she creates visual and audio installations that investigate real and imaginary environments where the mental and the physical blend in a personal narrative of human experience. // Britt Hatzius completed degree in Fine Art Media at Chelsea College of Art London in 2002. She works now in photography, video, film and performance. Her work refers to or often takes the format of the moving image, both in its technical and conceptual form, exploring ideas around language, interpretation and the potential for discrepancies, ruptures, deviations and (mis-) communication. As part of her practice she has collaborated with numerous visual artists, performers, theatre directors, sound artists, musicians, dancers and is engaged in visual-sound collaborations with the collective ‘Not Applicable Artists’. Since the completion of an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths University London in 2005 she also works within academic research at Studio INCITE (Critical Enquiry into Ethnography and Technology) and CUCR (Centre for Urban and Community Research).


L'espace, la participation, l'art
entretien avec Adina Secretan, Mil M2 et Anna Rispoli
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