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Worktable · kids

Kate McIntosh (NZ,BE)

Swiss premiere

duration : 45’ – 90’ (it's up to you)
individual route every 15 min

Worktable is a live installation. Worktable takes place in a series of rooms you enter and stay in for as long as you like. Once inside there are instructions, equipment and safety goggles so you can get to work. It's up to you to decide how things come apart and how they fall back together. We provide the hammer, you do the rest. Get to work!

Young festivalgoers can share in the experience. The minimum age is 6 and all children must be accompanied by an adult throughout the adventure. Worktable for adults too!

conception: Kate McIntosh / technical coordination: Clare Noonan / production: Sarah Parolin / produced by: SPIN / thanks: Bruno Roubicek, Hester Chillingworth, Caroline Daish, Palli Banine, Ant Hampton, Joe Kelleher, Tim Etchells, Adrian Heathfield, Simon Bayly / Worktable was commissioned in the frame of the event 'Performance Is a Dirty Work' funded by Roehampton University.

about the artist : Kate McIntosh (New Zealand, 1974) creates work in a variety of different media, such as performance, theatre, video and installation. Her previous performances at Kaaitheater include Dark Matter (2009), Untried Untested (2012) and All Ears (2013). She is a member of Spin, an artist-run production and research platform in Brussels. Both humour and the link with science and experimentation are elements that frequently crop up in Kate’s work. From 2017 to 2021 Kate McIntosh is artist in residence at Kaaitheater Brussels.