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I Get Lost in a Courtyard...
and I Start to Build

Gaetano Cunsolo (IT)


from sunset · free access at all times
Saturday 25 August: closing event from 22:30

Gaetano Cunsolo focuses on the potential of the architectural gesture. His work analyses the processes revealed by the spontaneous constructions often carried out on the fringes of cities. These structures create precarious hybrid spaces outside of official urban planning, like snags in the city’s fabric. These shacks and shelters are made out of the waste of mass production and provide a repertoire of shapes, materials, footprints and signs that compel us to broaden our conception of architecture. Gaetano Cunsolo has also studied an ancient popular practice that highlights a surprising building law: If one manages to build a house between sunset and sunrise on state-owned public domain, one cannot be evicted from that plot. Inspired by this story that transforms night time into an area of resistance, every night from sunset, the artist creates unpredictable structures and combinations that spread around the courtyard in Marchandises.

RTS, Couleur 3, 21 août 2018
listen → (de 1h 34 min 55 s à 1h 45 min 55 s)

NRTV fait sa culture
Nyon Région Télévision, 30 août 2018
watch → (dès 1 min 47 s)

conception: Gaetano Cunsolo / production: Gaetano Cunsolo, far° Nyon