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Miriam Coretta Schulte (DE,CH)

Extra Time — creation

in the frame of Extra Time

During a research residency in Cairo, Egypt, Miriam Coretta Schulte focused on feminist practices. Over the course of three months, she met with charismatic women who made her reflect on the importance of admiration. Why does one admire some people to the point of wanting to be like them? Unfolding in a dojo, Mimesia reminds us that life is a learning process. Against the injunction of the self-made man/woman, the performance is based on the following observation: We are all plural, affected by multiple influences, more or less consciously integrated. Mimesia, carried by a multi-disciplinary team, pays tribute to the figures who come into our lives, permeate our cells, and make and break us. A performance in the form of a declaration of love for half-goddesses.

Au far°, les jeunes déclarent leur admiration
Le Temps, 22 août 2019
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conception, performance: Miriam Coretta Schulte / in collaboration with: Catalina Insignares, Felix Worpenberg, Oliver Roth, Rahel Kesselring, Johanna Hilari / artistic guidance: Michèle Pralong /production: Boutique Critique, far° Nyon / support: Fachauschuss Tanz & Theater BS/BL, Fondation Nestlé pour l'Art, Loterie Romande