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Nicole Seiler (CH)


le far° à Nyon, Gland et Givrins !
duration: approx. 10'/sound piece
please bring a smartphone and a headset and download the app on
(if necessary, limited number of machines on loan at the far° ticket office)
free access at all times

SAVE THE DATE : Saturday 18 August
inauguration and live presentation of a sound piece at 17:30 in the Cour des Marchandises

Palimpsest explores the poetic potential of the language of audio-description**. Collected within a smartphone app, a series of sound pieces geolocated in Nyon and the surrounding region invite you to a stroll. Audiences become actors, unwittingly projected onto the stage of a temporary theatre. The performers are absent. Subtly evoked in a hyper-realist narration, they loom here and there in your imagination like ghosts haunting the surrounding landscape. The composition and storyline focus on proximity and intimacy with the listener/stroller and aim to bring to life physically absent figures. The Palimpsest app will remain active after the festival. You can also continue the experience in Lausanne, where other geolocated sound pieces are available.

* A technique that consists of orally describing the visual elements of a work or an event to a blind or visually-impaired audience.

L’invitée culturelle : Nicole Seiler
RTS1, Journal 12h45, 20 août 2018
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Danse : «Palimpsest» au far° festival
RTS, La 1ère, Vertigo, 2 août 2018
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«Palimpsest», pièce sans danseurs mais si réelle
24 heures, 3 août 2018
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Au far°, quand le son stimule l'imagination
La Côte, 20 août 2018
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conception: Nicole Seiler / text, voice: Séverine Skierski / sound creation: Stéphane Vecchione / historical researches: Anne-Gaëlle Neipp, Véronique Rey-Vodoz, Catherine Schmutz Nicod, Pierre-Alain Rossier / management: Laurence Rochat /diffusion: Michaël Monney / app development: App3null GmbH / graphic design: Bivgrafik GmbH / production: Cie Nicole Seiler / coproduction: far° Nyon, Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain Lausanne / support: Ville de Lausanne, État de Vaud, Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council, Loterie Romande, Ernst Göhner Fondation