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Encyclopédie pratique
Portraits choisis

Lenio Kaklea (GR,FR)

Swiss premiere

duration : approx. 90'

With this choreographed piece, Lenio Kaklea commits to an intimate relationship with the people she came across while she was collecting practices in the town of Aubervilliers. She unfolds a series of choreographic processes that enable her to transfer onto the stage a selection of six practices. She integrates, reproduces and perpetuates the gestures which they are made of, connects the movements together, each time following a specific logic. The form of the solo led her to explore the solitary and intimate exercises through which individuals build themselves and sometimes structure their own dependence. As an introduction, the film Portrait|7: Maryse Emel shows the woman philosopher sharing her practice entitled “Experiencing vertigo without falling into the abyss” with the artist. Another room features the book Encyclopédie pratique, portraits d’Aubervilliers along with a sound creation.

see also : Encyclopédie pratique - a field work in Nyon

balise 04
 – friday august 24th
08:30 pm and after the performance, cour des Marchandises
meeting and discussion (in french) about d'Encyclopédie pratique|Portraits choisis

RTS, Couleur 3, 21 août 2018
listen → (de 40 min 16 s à 51 min 15 s)

Au far° la danse mène à tout
RTS, Espace 2, Anticyclone, 22 août 2018
listen →

NRTV fait sa culture
Nyon Région Télévision, 30 août 2018
watch → (à partir de 40 s)

Encyclopédie pratique (Aubervilliers) – conception: Lenio Kaklea /production : Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers / executive production: abd / support: Fonds de dotation du Quartz/Brest, Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis
Pièce chorégraphique · Portraits choisis – choreography and performance: Lenio Kaklea / ccenography and costume: Sotiris Vasiliou / sound: Éric Yvelin / light design: Amaury Seval / assistant: Oscar Lozano / lighting: Philippe Saltel / monitoring: Agnès Henry – extrapole / production and diffusion: Teresa Acevedo
Publication · Encyclopédie pratique, Portraits d’Aubervilliers – conception and text: Lenio Kaklea and Lou Forster/ site specific research: Lenio Kaklea, Oscar Lozano and Pierre Simon / editorial coordination: Alexandra Baudelot and Pierre Simon / copyediting and transcription: Anne-Laure Blusseau / graphic design: Jean-Claude Chianale / typography: Adobe Garamond Pro et Rostand de Quesntin Schmerber (cover) /published by Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers / diffusion: r-diffusion
Sound piece · Portraits d’Aubervilliers – conception: Lenio Kaklea, sound composition: Éric Yvelin
Film · Portrait|7 : Maryse Emel / conception: Lenio Kaklea /with: Maryse Emel et Lenio Kaklea / editing: Sotiris Vasiliou