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Agustin Casalia (AR,CH)


duration : approx. 60'

Agustin Casalia is a philosopher. Before that, he studied law, practised as a barrister in Buenos Aires, worked in Madrid, Paris and Bern and then settled in Lausanne. Gradually he fled the academic world and its all-too-often cliquey atmosphere to imagine a different practice of philosophy. He now introduces himself as an independent philosopher and lectures in cultural institutions, homes and think tanks, with doctors, architects and to anyone who may wish to tackle philosophical thought. far° has invited him to explore the stage for the first time, a first in his career which he will undertake in association with Kuník de Morsier architects. With regard to this year’s programme, he intends to offer no less than an experience of reversal in the company of major figures in the history of Western philosophy. Rhizotomos promises to be a celebration of thought that challenges our perspective on the world. It identifies both what we are made of and what inconspicuously inspires us.

Philosophe performer
Le Courrier, 16 août 2018
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conception: Agustin Casalia / performance: Giulia Crescenzi, Nora Delanoë, Marc Desplos, Chloé Casalia-Navarre, Franck Hochleitner, Jérôme Le Mest, Ludivine Morand, Pierre-Xavier Puissant, Salou Sadras, Ed Wige / in collaboration with: Valentin Kunik, Guillaume de Morsier / artistic support: Mélisende Navarre / production: far° Nyon