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Vita Nova

Romain Daroles (FR,CH)

Extra Time — creation

in the frame of Extra Time

Romain Daroles graduated from La Manufacture, the University of Performing Arts of Western Switzerland in June 2016. Although he has now become an actor, many do not know that he has been and remains a literary research enthusiast. He actually lectures regularly in various prestigious institutions to present his findings in a cycle of conferences entitled Vita Nova. In the context of its 34th festival, far° felt it was relevant to invite him, in particular to host the latest lecture in this cycle which focuses on Louis Poirier, an author with no apparent book to his name.

Au far°, les jeunes déclarent leur admiration
Le Temps, 22 août 2020
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conception, performance: Romain Daroles / artistic collaboration: Mathias Brossard, François-Xavier Rouyer and Romain Daroles / artistic guidance: Michèle Pralong / production: La Filiale Fantôme, far° Nyon /administration: Floriane Mésenge / support: Société Alba Gestion (Michel Bosio), Loterie Romande / acknowledgements: La Manufacture Lausanne, Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain Lausanne, Christine Poupon (cure catholique de Nyon), Floriane Mésenge and François Gremaud