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Body of Knowledge / workshop series

Samara Hersch (AU,NL)

long—term project 2020—2021

in french

project by phone messages (in french), free access
this proposal is a preliminary stage of the Body of Knowledge project which will be presented in its entirety to far° in 2021

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Nowadays, much social interaction takes place through virtual encounters in areas that seem to refute materiality and any physical (inter)dependencies. How can we still pay attention to our own and other people’s bodies? How do we deal with our interconnected pains and desires? Can there be proximity between strangers? In an attempt to answer these questions, Samara Hersch has developed an art project in close collaboration with groups of teenagers around the world. On the one hand, she explores various modes of intimacy and the importance of listening in interpersonal relationships. On the other, she broadens teenagers’ perspectives and approaches to knowledge. This project provides young people, who are often absent from public debates, with the opportunity to express themselves. It offers space for their embodied subjectivities and perceptions beyond school, play zones and virtual spaces. Since July, Hersch has been in contact with teenagers from the Lake Geneva region. Every week she offers thematic workshops, during which they can share their experiences and personal concerns, and where they can develop ideas to foster unexpected encounters. The work carried out during the workshops is then put into practice during a live performance of Body of Knowledge/workshop series, which fosters an intergenerational conversation between people who do not know each other. This event takes place by phone and is aimed at adults. A teenager contacts you remotely from his or her room to ask for your advice, for you to share your knowledge or to lead you to question your own body. The aim is also to listen, imagine and learn. Guided by these young people, will you see yourself differently?

Entretien avec Samara Hersch
par Maria Rößler
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lead artist: Samara Hersch, with a team of teenagers / dramaturg: Maria Rößler / creative technologist: Fred Rodrigues / artistic associate, translation: Alice Pons / realized in the framework of Be SpectACTive!– CapoTrave/Kilowatt (it), Artemrede (pt), Bakelit Multi Art Center (hu), Brut (at), BUDA Courtrai (be), Café de las Artes Teatro (es), Domino (he), Divadelná Nitra (sk), Dublin Theatre Festival (ie), Göteborgs stadss kulturförvaltning/Stora Teatern (se), Institution Student Cultural Centre (rs), Occitanie en scène Languedoc-Roussillon (fr), Plesni Teater (si), Tanec Praha (cz), Teatrul National Radu Stanca (ro)