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...en jumelle
partage des eaux & vents

Laurent Pichaud (FR)

long—term project 2019—2021

walk and conference performance
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What room do we leave for others, the elsewhere and the faraway in our daily lives? Based on this question, choreographer Laurent Pichaud has designed a new phase in his …en jumelle project, which he has been developing around Nyon since autumn 2019. Designed in collaboration with his artistic team and far°, his site-specific community project relies on the principle of twinned municipalities and invites residents from Switzerland and France to a collective and mutual artistic experience. The project addresses the typology of twinning. The twinning of cities appeared in the wake of WWII as a charged political and cultural symbol in order to rebuild long-lasting peace in Europe. …en jumelle spotlights the flow between recognized twinnings such as Coppet and Maulévrier (fr), Perroy and Châteauneuf-de-Gadagne (fr), and Féchy and Oberdiessbach (Canton of Bern). These twinnings are recognized by a charter, but why not also invent imaginary twinnings between landscapes, trees, architectures, borders, etc.? The …en jumelle project resembles an investigation through art and sensation to identify what connections rely on, how gaps are bridged, and how unexpected simultaneities between the “here” and “there” emerge. Another interest of the project is boundaries and borders, like those announced by stone markers hidden in the forests between Switzerland and France near the village of La Cure. Thanks to meetings and work sessions with residents and associations in these municipalities, each endeavour of the project takes a different form: co-composition of a hymn dedicated to a twinned town, recipes and paired wines, mail art, or a choreographic journey along an imaginary line between two borders. …en jumelle is an invitation to a collective experience that spotlights local geographic and cultural particularities.

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parcours jumelé

Entretien avec Laurent Pichaud
par Céline Gauthier
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conception: Laurent Pichaud (chorégraphe, performeur) / in collaboration with: Adaline Anobile (performer), Eve Chariatte (performer), Laura Kirshenbaum (performer), Catarina Miranda (performer), David Skeist (choreographer, performer), Cédric Torne (visual artist, performer) / production manager: Marie Garnier / visual identity of the project: deValence / production: association x-sud art/site, far° Nyon / supports: Commune de Coppet, La Maison CDCN Uzès Gard Occitanie, Département du Gard, Préfecture de la région Occitanie, Région Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée / thanks: Josiane Guignard, Martine André, Tristan Chocolatier, Commune de Coppet, Commune de Féchy, Commune de Maulévrier, Commune de Perroy, Société de tir de Féchy / Laurent Pichaud is an associated artist with CCN2 - Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble.