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RadiOh Europa

Action Hero (GB)


duration : 30'

free online radio show

Oh Europa is a project about love, spread out over a continent, which goes straight to the heart. For the past two years, Action Hero has been roaming Europe in a motor home converted into a recording studio. With every random encounter on the road, Gemma Paintin and James Stenhouse offer strangers the opportunity to perform love songs of their choice. Now, after having travelled 46,000 km and crossed 33 countries, their collection includes songs in more than 46 languages. For this special week at far°, the duo invites you to RadiOh Europa, a radio show that shares this fabulous collection.  The radio show is broadcast online at :

8pm on Radio Vostok
9pm on Reïdyo

Sing your own love song!
Action Hero invites you to take part in this project by performing your favourite love song as a solo, duo or group. All voices welcome! More info


Ces Nyonnais ont chanté l'amour pour l'éternité
La Côte, 17 août 2020
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concept: Action Hero / producer for Action Hero: Sarah Warden / dramaturgy: David Williams / graphic design: Graeme Swinton at Actually & Alex Higlett at Pirrip Press / app development: David Haylock, Elroid Ltd & seGames / co-produced with Farnham Maltings / co-commissioned by Transform Festival, Matchbox and Farnham Maltings / supported by British Council, Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio, European Cultural Foundation, Vooruit, Latitudes Contemporaines, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre, Anti Festival, Grand Theatre Groningen, Ördögkatlan Festival, Interdisciplinarte, Romanian Association For Performing Arts and Bristol Old Vic Ferment. Action Hero are a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England.

In partnership with Radio Vostok and Reïdyo.