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Will You Marry Me ?

Sara Leghissa / Strasse (IT)


duration : approx. 45'
in french

This performance by Sara Leghissa from the Strasse collective takes the form of a surprising lecture in the public space which addresses the law as a fluid parameter. Indeed, law changes according to historical periods and the place we live and depends on the type of privileges we enjoy. The artist developed the content of this lecture based on interviews with residents from Prato, Ramallah, Marseille, Madrid, Lausanne and the Nyon region. Sowing trouble in the distinction between notions of legality and illegality, these interviews express personal experiences and life trajectories that sometimes embody illegality itself. The performance also evokes the practices of various militant movements around the world which have learned to bypass the law without transgressing it. In front of everyone’s eyes, how can we act in the public space to conjure up possible forms of resistance and complicity?

Le far° se mue en fabrique
Léman Bleu, 19 août 2020
watch → (dès 1 min. 35 sec.)

conception, performance: Sara Leghissa / text and dramaturgyen in collaboration with: Carlo Fusani, Tomas Gonzalez, Catalina Insignares / graphic design, illustration: Marzia Dalfini / executive production: Eleonora Cavallo / promotion: Giulia Messia / production: Triennale Teatro dell’Arte Milano, far° Nyon / parteners: Short Theatre Roma, Sareyyet Ramallah, Saal Biennal Tallinn, Festival Parallèle Marseille / within the frame of MORE THAN THIS–Creative Europe