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Chez Lara

Stéphanie Rosianu (CH)

Extra Time — creation
10th - 20th

Extra Time event, 3 performances – about 210’ breaks included

In a hair salon, three authorities come together every evening. The screen, the voice and the body feel threatened by the surrounding world and meet up to try and create something else, based on their disparate language. In Chez Lara, Stéphanie Rosianu focuses on language and its faculty to determine, or worse condition our relationship with the world and to others. Of Romanian descent, she realised that her own native language had transformed over the years. Intrigued by this process of language hybridisation, she became conscious of its validity for many immigrant children. Each and every onedevelops an idiolect specific to his own family clan, based on makeshift terms. We live in important times, when different languages and forms of languages come together, combining at times or simply travelling through: might it be time to stop for a while and listen?

conception : Stéphanie Rosianu, Magali Dougoud, interprétation : Stéphanie Rosianu ; assistance technique: Magali Dougoud ; production : far° Nyon; remerciements : Théâtre de Sévelin Lausanne, Arsenic Lausanne

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