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Europe : visite à domicile

Rimini Protokoll (DE,CH)

Swiss premiere
10th - 20th

duration : about 120'. + transportation

Instigators of an approach that seeks to show reality in all its aspects, the Rimini Protokoll collective has redoubled its creative efforts to unravel its complexity. Contained in a suitcase, Europe : visite à domicile takes place in a private home and addresses major issues. How do we define Europe? Is it a geographical border, a cultural identity, a coalition of states? To what extent is it a part of each of us? Rimini Protokoll contrasts the abstract idea of a confederation within the intimacy of a private apartment. Fifteen people become part of a performance in a living room that interweaves personal stories and the mechanisms of politics.

balise 03  wednesday august 17th, 7 pm, cour de l'Usine
meeting and discussion about Europe : visite à domicile

Rimini Protokoll scrute la société dans son intimité
24 Heures, 2 août 2016
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Au far°, l’Europe s’invite à domicile
La Côte, 15 août 2016
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Les théâtres du réel du collectif artistique Rimini Protokoll
Gauchebdo, 15 août 2016
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L’Europe au format jeu de société
Le Courrier, 18 août 2016
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concept, script, direction: Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, Daniel Wetzel (Rimini Protocol) ; dramaturgy: Katja Hagedorn ; artistic collaborator: Anton Rose ; interaction design: Mirko Dietrich, Hans Leser, Grit Schuster ; setting: Lena Mody, Belle Santos ; production management: Juliane Männel ; production assistant : Anna Florin ; technical direction: Sven Nichterlein
Home Visit Europe is a production of Rimini Apparat. In coproduction with Archa Theatre Prague (CZ). BIT Teatergarasjen/Bergen International Festival (NO). Frascati Teater Amsterdam (NL). HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin (D). Kaaitheater Brussels (BE). LIFT London (GB). Malta Festival Poznan (PL). Mungo Park (DK). Sort/Hvid (DK). Teater Nordkraft (DK). Théâtre de la Commune Aubervilliers (FR). Théâtre Garonne (FR). Teatro Maria Matos (PT).
A House on Fire commission / coproduction with the support of the Cultural Program of the European Union. The project is supported by Capital Culture Fund Berlin.

short bio : Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, and Daniel Wetzel have been working as a team since 2000. They work in the area of theater, a team of author-directors. Their work in the realm of theater, sound and radio plays, film, installation emerge in constellations of two or three and solo as well. Since 2002, all their works have been written collectively under the label Rimini Protokoll. At the focus of their work is the continuous development of the tools of the theater to allow for unusual perspectives on our reality. read more