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Mickaël Phelippeau (FR)

10th - 20th

At the crossroads of visual arts and choreography, Mickaël Phelippeau focuses his approach on meeting people with different backgrounds, thereby creating an opportunity to produce interwoven portraits. Last February, far° invited the artist to lead a workshop for migrants who had recently arrived in Nyon. ’What can dance do for people who live in a state of constant uncertainty? He asked. I suggested we share dance styles in order to introduce ourselves. I sort of dreaded their reaction, but it all ended in a firework display of proud singing, grabbing, laughing and one-to-one dancing. Amidst these men, Jutyar Ali impressed me with his joie de vivre, his energy and his way of inviting other participants to dance by taking them by the shoulder. A project was born that very day.’ As a reflection of the young man’s complicated journey from Iraqi Kurdistan to Switzerland, Mickaël Phelippeau decided to create a dance portrait with him.

balise 01  thursday august 11th, 20h30, cour de l'Usine
meeting and discussion about Jutyar 

conception: Mickaël Phelippeau / interprétation: Jutyar Ali / production: Fabrik Cassiopée, far° Nyon / production déléguée: bi-p association / diffusion, administration: Fabrik Cassiopée – Isabelle Morel, Manon Crochemore / la bi-p est soutenue par la DRAC Centre-Val-de-Loire – ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, au titre du conventionnement, par la région Centre-Val-de-Loire au titre du conventionnement, par les départements de l'Essonne et de la Seine-Saint-Denis ; cette proposition est soutenue dans le cadre des projets d'intégration de la ville de Nyon