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La danse du Tutuguri

Perrine Valli (CH,FR)

10th - 20th

duration : about 45'

In 1936, a forlorn Antonin Artaud left Europe, deeming that its rationalist culture was failing. He sets off to explore the far-away land of Mexico, in search of a magical culture that might still exist. This mystical quest and his encounter with the Tarahumara Indians suffused his entire work. Around that time, he wrote his poem Tutuguri: the Rite of the Black Sun, which this new creation by Perrine Valli is based upon. The choreographer reinterprets this seminal work that strangely echoes our contemporary situation. In a feminist perspective specific to her work, Perrine Valli proposes a choreographed piece based on circles and crosses, between spirituality and devotion; choreography guided by questions of life, rhythm, body language and solar energy.

conception et chorégraphie : Perrine Valli ; interprétation danse : Perrine Valli, Manon Parent, Claire Trouvé, Isabelle Schramm, Raphael Teicher, Iona D'Annonzio, Simona Ferrar ; création sonore : Eric Linder ; régisseur : Laurent Schaer ; installation : Perrine Valli, Laurent Schaer ; texte : Antonin Artaud ;  administration : Laure Chapel, Pâquis Production ; diffusion : Gabor Varga ; production : Association Sam-Hester ; coproduction : far° Nyon, Centre Culturel Suisse Paris, L’Abri Genève ; soutiens : République et Canton de Genève, Ville de Genève, Canton de Genève, Organe genevois de la Loterie romande

short bio : Perrine Valli was born in Aix en Provence in 1980. She studied ballet and contemporary dance at the Conservatory of Aix en Provence. ?She continued her education at the Hallet Eghayan School, at the same time studying Arts at the University of Lyon. A year later, she was accepted at the National Conservatory of Lyon and in 2001, she entered the CDC (Choreographic Development Center) of Toulouse. After that, she obtained a scholarship to join the London Contemporary Dance School, where she graduated in 2002. After her graduation, she went to America for three months, doing workshops on improvisation with Julyen Hamilton, Nancy Stark Smith, Kirstie Simson, Daniel Lepkoff, Olivier Besson and Andrew de L.Hardwood. Back in Europe, she went to Switzerland to work with Estelle Heritier at the Arsenic Theatre, on a piece called A5. She also did a project entitled Temps Morts with the Collective de la Dernière Tangente at the Theatre of Vidy in Lausanne and at the National Theatre of Sénart in Paris. more