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Nguyen (est un nom très commun)

Loan Nguyen (CH)

10th - 20th

Loan Nguyen is a photographer but instead of photographing her subjects, she has been collecting their accounts for several years. She shares them orally through an earpiece, confronting them with other images. Last year at far°, Nguyen presented À d’autres! in the Extra Time programme. With Nguyen (est un nom très commun) she interweaves her own biography as a Lausanne-based artist with Vietnamese and Valais roots with the accounts of exiles who have moved to, or away from Switzerland. Displacement, distance, loss of bearings, solitude, serenity, drive and the creation of a new identity experienced by others, echo with aspects of our own lives. Each person’s experiences are unique and yet they share something, and one soon describes something for the other. Between reality and performance, souvenir and parable, stories of exile serve as self-discovery tools, shared experiences and strangely familiar paths, beyond the accident of birth.

balise 04  thursday august 18th, 8:30 pm, cour de l'Usine
meeting and discussion about Nguyen (est un nom très commun)

conception, réalisation, interprétation : Loan Nguyen et Eric Vautrin ; photographies : Loan Nguyen ; dramaturgie : Eric Vautrin ; production : Association « À d’autres ! », far° Nyon; soutiens : Canton de Vaud, Ville de Lausanne, Loterie Romande, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Fondation du Centre Patronal Vaudois ; remerciements : Arsenic Lausanne, Pro Senectute Vaud, Virginie Otth, Marco Constantini, Florence Grivel, Laurie Durussel, Annabel Glauser, Elie Grappe, Juliana Stadelmann, Salou Sadras, Anne Hildebrand et les témoins qui ont généreusement accepté de confier leurs