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Show Set

Rébecca Balestra (CH)

Extra Time — creation
10th - 20th

Extra Time, 3 performances – about 210’ including breaks

With Show Set, Rébecca Balestra diligently makes use of the whole kit of objects and effects essential for the creation of a spectacular show. In parallel, she delivers her sentimental and intimate lyrics, written for the occasion. Between truth and dare, Show Set is an entertaining manual closely followed by its creator who, with no particular skill, has ambitions to transform into a superb stage performer.

’Art is a form of organised recreation.’ Robert Filliou.

conception, interprétation : Rébecca Balestra ; assistance technique : Robin Dupuis ; chorégraphe : Agathe Hazard Raboud ; soutien : Loterie Romande ; remerciements : Théâtre de l’Usine Genève, adc / association pour la danse contemporaine Genève, H107 Genève, La Manufacture Lausanne, Pascale et Sheila Balestra, Louis Bonard, Antoine Jaccoud, Julien Jacquérioz, Yann Popper, Nicolas Rabaeus, un grand merci à mon ami Romain Bionda

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