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L’Usage du monde –
le dehors

Laurent Pichaud (FR)

10th - 20th

Najib Mohammadi and Sharif Saidi are two young Afghanis who arrived in Switzerland last November With the ’migrant wave’ that hit – and is still hitting – Europe. Both are now asylum-seekers, waiting for the refugee status that will allow them to remain in Switzerland. During one of the festival’s Thursday meetings, they met with Laurent Pichaud. The choreographer identified a troubling coincidence: the route which Najib and Sharif took to come to Switzerland, through Iran, Turkey and the Balkans is the same as the one Nicolas Bouvier took, some sixty years ago, in the opposite direction, and which led to his book L’Usage du monde (The Use of the World). This project echoes the troubled, contemporary and migrant use of our world

conception : Laurent Pichaud accompagné de Najib Mohammad et Sharif Saidi ; production : x-sud, far° Nyon ; x-sud/laurent pichaud bénéficie d'une subvention d'aide à la structure de la part du département du Gard – France ; cette proposition est soutenue dans le cadre des projets d'intégration de la ville de Nyon →

Quand la danse fait voir
par Eva Cousido
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