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Variations – Opus I

Audrey Cavelius (CH)

10th - 20th

duration : about 45'

With Variations, Audrey Cavelius has created a mental journey that goes through real, fictitious and fantastical landscapes, as well as personal and universal ones. How do we redefine notions of territory and living together when identities are becoming fragmented, when people become characters in their own life, which actually transcends them? The more we play the role we know best (that of our own character), the more we restrict ourselves to one style of living, one single suit, leaving aside a multitude of possibilities, which we would rather forget about. We must stimulate these dark areas. People are not a single person: they are a host of characters struggling to express themselves. Words and speeches are in crisis. It is war and national security politics mean our borders are closing. How do we inhabit these dark areas we have neglected?

À Nyon, le far° parle de migration sans tabou
Le Temps, 12 août 2016
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L’identité façon talkshow schizo
RTS, Espace 2, Les Matinales, 10 août 2016
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conception, interprétation : Audrey Cavelius; composition musicale, interprétation : Christophe Gonet ; création lumière : Joana Oliveira ; son : Cédric Simon ; production : NoNameCompany, far° Nyon ; administration : David Busset ; diffusion : Barbara Suthoff ; soutiens : État de Vaud, Loterie Romande, Fondation Ernst Göhner