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A Hand's Turn

Lenio Kaklea (GR,FR)

Swiss premiere
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duration : 25'
performance for 2 people maximum, every half hour

Somewhere in the city, a young woman awaits you for a private performance. The venue she occupies has known many uses over time. Nowadays, the bleached walls attest to a desire to make the room ordinary. An alleged neutrality that echoes what unfolds in A Hand’s Turn, since the aim is to point out everyday gestures which we have turned our attention away from. Relegated to the ordinary, their meaning has gradually faded to the point of becoming neutral. Nevertheless, our gestures inherently carry stories which even we are sometimes not aware of and which are to a large extent culturally determined. This is what Lenio Kaklea showcases. Through her presence, through the interactions she establishes, the choreographer directs our attention to the point of creating a tension that reaffirms the body as a vector of meaning.

After the meeting, visitors can purchase part of the performance in the form of a book. The dialogue that takes place with the choreographer can thus be experienced at home.

choreography, text, interpretation: Lenio Kaklea / curatorial collaboration: Lou Forster / Sset and light design: Sotiris Vasiliou / sound: Eric Yvelin / styling: Yonatan Zohar / monitoring: Agnès Henry - extrapole / production: Athens & Epidaurus Festival, 2017 / executive production: abd