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Common Dreams: Moving Away Together

Maria Lucia Cruz Correia and the students of HEAD–Geneva (PT,BE,CH)

long—term project 2020—2021
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Collective project by Maria Lucia Cruz Correia, Aylin Balikci, Lucie Cellier, Zoé Gronchi, Laura Laigo, Abigaël Mackenzie, Morgane Roduit et Clara Rouge.

With Voice of Nature: The Trial, presented last year at the festival, Maria Lucia Cruz Correia involved the audience in a transformation process through fiction, magic and documentary. Spotlighting the notion of ecocide, this theatrical process addressed the way laws and justice may serve the Earth’s ecosystems by granting rights to nature. This year, in collaboration with HEAD–Genève (Geneva University of Art and Design), far° has asked the artist to work with students on a new project. Common Dreams: Moving Away Together follows from a workshop run in February. Between fiction and reality, the project focuses on long-term research on education about the future, much like an alternative school to outline strategies to counter climate change. The topics discussed focus on the common good, healthcare, hope and time and will address what unites us and how to teach survival. For Communs singuliers#1, the school has adopted a nomadic form, settling in a forest and on the shores of Lake Geneva. For five days the students unfold a programme, which includes several collective activities such as planting, singing, reading, eating, discussing, contemplating, snorkelling or rebelling… Every day a guest also shares his or her knowledge (of biology, economy, astrology…) and opens discussions on topics relating to the ecological transition. In response to the burning issues of our times, Common Dreams: Moving Away Together offers space and time to explore our capacity to act, to think together and maybe develop common dreams.

conception: Maria Lucia Cruz Correia (artistic coordination), Aylin Balikci, Lucie Cellier, Zoé Gronchi, Laura Laigo, Abigaël Mackenzie, Morgane Roduit, Clara Rouge / research phase workshop: Capucine Bricheux, Théo Dao, Plume Ducret, Victoria Gremaud, Gyeonghwan Hwang, Alice Kiener, Julie Kueng, Thomas Lopes, Laura Matsuzaki, Olivia Porter, Jody Schnider, Romane Serez, Oxana Streit / guests – research phase: Mathilde Captyn, Hannah Entwisle, Pierre Kunz, Paola Tosolini / production: far° Nyon / coproduction: HEAD–Genève / thanks: Club Subaquatique de Vernier, Pierre Heuberger