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Chroniques du dehors


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duration : approx. 45'
in french

Based on the assumption that our modes of perception of nature influence our attitude towards it, art collective LiMONADE suggests communing with the environment in order to take care of it better. Chroniques du dehors is a participatory project born out of correspondence initiated in the spring of 2020 between local residents in Nyon and the three artists from the collective. In search of observational accounts, LiMONADE has collected all sorts of anecdotal accounts about the fauna and flora of Nyon and its surroundings. These were then inventoried and mapped out by the artists who turned them into a narrative and a performance. Together, these stories create an ecosystem that interweaves personal and collective aspects. Chroniques du dehors is an invitation to take the time to listen, watch and share.

conception: LiMONADE / performance: Morgane Ischer, Léonie Marion, Alice Perritaz / project realized with the participation of people living in (or visiting) Nyon / production: LiMONADE, far° Nyon / coproduction : HEAD–Geneva