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Déjeuner dans l'herbe

Thierry Boutonnier (FR)

long—term project 2019—2021
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duration : approx. 90'

In the summer of 2019 at far°, Thierry Boutonnier suggested three participatory, awareness-raising meetings about the artificialisation of the soil. Invited for a long-term collaboration, Boutonnier developed his work based on issues raised by the future transformation of Place Perdtemps in the heart of Nyon into an underground car park and a tree-lined park. His artistic approach addresses our relationship with the living, what we hope to make of our public spaces and the shared future we aspire to. Since last autumn, Boutonnier has given lectures in fine art classes at the Gymnase de Nyon. At the crossroads of arts and sciences he initiated an experiment on soil biodiversity with the students by manufacturing and testing uniquely shaped terracotta worm composters. (Worm composting transforms organic waste into fertiliser thanks to worms). Two prototypes are currently available in the building’s vegetable garden, and a study carried out for biology classes assesses the effectiveness of worm composters in revitalising the soil.

Also, the Déjeuner dans l’herbe project features the private gardens of Chemin Albert-Usteri. Discrete despite being located at the heart of Nyon, the gardens of this residential block are a rare piece of the town’s living heritage. Along with residents, the artist seeks to artistically produce specific knowledge of this perimeter, relating to the fauna and the flora both on its surface and underground. Boutonnier offers several fun events, such as embroidering cotton cloths with a gold thread and burying them to bioactivate underground life, creating recipes based on what is harvested and grown on the plots and organising educational picnics. The artist invites us to carry out or discover these various actions that test our capacity to act in the ecological crisis we are experiencing.

conception: Thierry Boutonnier / hosts of Albert-Usteri Road: Dominique BéBoux, Pierre Gautier, Renée Henry, Laura Meylan, Philippe Meylan, Alain Perrier / contributors: Serge Amiguet (Sol-Conseil), Adrien Mesot, Laetitia Pascalin / interns: Samy Berard, Marie-France Thomas and Albulenë Ukshini Sefa (students in cultural mediation at the School of Work and Health Sciences Lausanne) / production: Thierry Boutonnier, far° Nyon / acknowledgements: Laurène Jaquier, Anna Schlaeppi