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Atelier d’écriture

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The Atelier d’écriture (“Writing Workshop”) addresses performing arts from a written perspective, by encouraging the audience to activate and produce meaning. Writing ideas down or giving them a visual shape can help formulate, develop and share those ideas efficiently. Assisted by the AJAR collective, the group of participants benefits from a formative and privileged framework to reflect on, discuss and write about the shows that they have seen at far°. The workshop also includes meetings with artists and professionals present at the performing arts’ factory.

Designed like a summer university programme, the workshop brings together students from the Swiss Literary Institute in Biel, edhea – the Valais School of Art and HEAD–Genève, Geneva University of Art and Design and universities in Western Switzerland.

On the weekend of 14 and 15 August and on Saturday 21 August, the Atelier d’écriture is open to the public. Whether you are inexperienced or a skilled wordsmith, you are welcome to join this dynamic workshop by registering for one, two or three full days.

rate  chf 15.–/day
NB. : Before participating in the workshop, you must have seenat least
one of the projects of the Communs singuliers #6 programme

Note of intent of the AJAR collective
by Fanny Wobmann and Danica Hanz

The destinies of characters who do not exist (a member of far°, an artist, a child who has lost his or her way in the crowd, a journalist and others) meet during far°. A story is written by several people and develops throughout the performing arts’ factory, delivered to the public in pieces of texts from day to day, in a variety of forms: letters or postcards placed on the seats, prints on the walls, announcements placed on the tables at the bar, short readings in headphones left on a tier or live before a performance.

AJAR invites you to participate in a workshop where the focus will be on collective writing and the development of a common story. This one will be inspired by all the artistic projects of Communs singuliers #6 and will be built progressively. The four hours of daily workshop will be divided into two parts: two hours to create content, comment on it and rework it, and two hours to transcribe, type and record the texts in order to broadcast them to the public.

At the end of the workshop, the final text will be published in a format to be discussed with the participants.