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Autostop (1st step)
– performance

Floriane Mésenge, Maxime Gorbatchevsky,
Jean-Daniel Piguet (CH,FR)

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duration : approx. 45’
in French

Since the age of 15, Floriane Mésenge has been hitchhiking and meeting people. In the intimacy of the car, people speak with lightness and depth, as if anonymity allowed easier access to the essential. The artist keeps track of these encounters and for some time now, she has been inviting actors Maxime Gorbatchewsky and Jean-Daniel Piguet to join her on other journeys. On their return, the trio works on the basis of these experiences and the conversations they had in the cars.These evoke France’s yellow vest rallies, nuclear plant cooling, geopolitical conflicts, feminism, the appearance of Jesus in the clouds, the precariousness of the freelancers and also love. These stories then become like a modelling paste that the trio kneads, twists and unfolds to draw a kaleidoscopic portrait of today’s people. At far°, Autostop (first step) is presented in the form of a site-specific performance and a new video installation.

Quand le far° fait une escale en auto-stop
La Côte, 17 août 2021
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conception, performance, set design: Floriane Mésenge in collaboration with Maxime Gorbatchevsky, Jean-Daniel Piguet / costumes: Doria Gomez-Rosay / music, sound: Maëlan Carquet / set designe: Floriane, Maxime et Jean-Daniel / production: Compagnie du Rond-Point / co-production: far° Nyon / support : Bourse de compagnonnage théâtral du Canton de Vaud et de la Ville de Lausanne 2020-2022. Within the framework of this grant, Floriane Mésenge benefits from the artistic support of Oscar Gómez Mata / Compagnie l'Alakran.