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João dos Santos Martins
with Adriano Vicente and João Barradas (PT)

Swiss premiere
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duration : approx. 45'

In Choreography, João dos Santos Martins offers a reflection on the way dance appears to communicate, although it does not presuppose the expression of language. The work simultaneously explores the systems of oral phonetics and Portuguese sign language – based on gestures and facial expressions – as forms of literality, or as tools of communication. Assuming that dance is also a formal and abstract act, how can a concrete text and context be incorporated into it? If by definition choreography brings together the words dance and writing, what happens when we consider these words separately? How can writing be translated through the body? With dancer Adriano Vicente and accordionist João Barradas, Choreography highlights the links between body, sign, language and sound.

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Comment la danse et la langue des signes dialoguent-elles?
(How do dance and sign language interact?)
Thu 12 August, after the second performance (approx. 22:00 > 22:45)
A meeting between João dos Santos Martins and Sofia Adelino. In French and sign language, with simultaneous interpretation.

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choreography: João dos Santos Martins / with: Adriano Vicente (danse), João Barradas (musique) / costumes: Constança Entrudo / production manager: Sofia Matos - Materiais Diversos Lisboa / delegated production: Association Mi Maï / co-production: Alkantara Lisboa, Associação Parasita, Centro Cultural Vila Flor Guimarães, Materiais Diversos Lisboa, SeMA — Seoul Museum of Art / residencies: Espaço Alkantara Lisboa, Centro Cultural da Malaposta Odivelas, Estúdios Vicítor Córdon Lisboa, 23 Milhas Ílhavo / thanks to: Sandra Gorete Coelho, Haeju Kim / Materiais Diversos, Associação Parasita and Alkantara are funded by República Portuguesa | Cultura-Direção Geral das Artes