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Colonial Washing

Bernadette Köbele (CH)

Extra Time — creation
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in the frame of Extra Time

It all started with Bernadette Köbele’s great-grandfather, who was the manager of a tobacco plantation in North Sumatra in the early 20th century. Our great-grandfather. By heritage and upbringing, we all carry within us micro-particles of colonialism. These even penetrate the depths of the earth. By filtering these particles that permeate our private spheres and our most everyday actions, Colonial Washing tends to liberate and sublimate them. Then the masquerade emerges, this inner, self-confident posture, the fruit of imperialist, Eurocentric, missionary and bewitching thinking. The smell of whitewashing hangs in the air around the forgotten silence of the colonised with a lemon scent. By incorporating the masquerade and willingly exposing this silence, the performers of Colonial Washing suddenly find themselves in socio-political and ecological fields. Everything is so beautiful in our latitudes.

artistic direction and conception: Bernadette Köbele / performers: Simon Wehrli, Charlotte Böttger, Bernadette Köbele / musicians: Florian Kolb, Stefan Kägi / music composition: Léo Collin / artistic accompaniment, dramaturgy Nyon: Adina Secretan / dramaturgy process: Robert Steijn / stage design: Marie Dahl, Leonhard Münch / costumes: Chiara Alissa Estivariz Lopez & team / outside view: Ketty Ghnassia, Benjamin Burger / collaboration performance process Jeanne Gumy, Benjamin Lindh-Medin, Rebecca Weingartner / production: far° nyon, Bernadette Köbele, LABOR AMANDA / support: City of Zurich, Canton of Zurich, Nicati-de Luze Foundation / thanks to: Theater Roxy Birsfelden, Tanzhaus Zürich, Gessnerallee Zürich, EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam, Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève, Agung 'Geger' Firmanto & lifepatch Yogyakarta, Adhari Donora, Roswitha Auer-Köbele, Frieder Köbele, Studio31( arciorgano ) Johannes Keller, Patrick Müller, Uriel Orlow, Ada Meinich