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Jukebox ‘Nyon’

Encyclopédie de la parole (FR,CH)

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duration : approx. 45’
in French

How do we speak in French-speaking Switzerland? What characterises speech in the cities of Nyon, Fribourg, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Geneva? To answer these questions, the Encyclopédie de la Parole collective has surrounded itself with several teams of collectors in each of these cities. Together, they collected conversations heard in the street, at work, on public transport or at home, voices broadcast on the radio, on television, on the internet, and even voice messages. This collection of words is now the repertoire of Jukebox, a performance that is constructed each evening in a unique way. The audience, provided with a booklet containing all the titles in the repertoire, chooses the extracts they wish to hear. In front of them, brilliant actress Julia Perazzini meticulously re-enacts these languages, whose cadence, emphasis and melody are so specific to our region. What do we want to hear from our own language and culture? What does it say about us?

Comme on travaillerait des mythologies
Frédéric Danos, 2020
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Les parlers du cru nourrissent un drôle de jukebox
24 heures, 12 août 2021
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Le far° s'aventure dans les méandres de la communication
Le Temps, 13 août 2021
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conception: Encyclopédie de la parole / artistic direction:  Élise Simonet /stage direction: Joris Lacoste / dramaturgy and coordination of the collection: Romain Daroles and Louis Bonard / with: Julia Perazzini / collection of documents: Antoinette Banoub, Chloé Besse, Louis Bonard, Alice Bouille, Dominique Bourquin, Romain Daroles, Arnaud Dousse, Margaux Duc, Dejan Gacond, Mélanie Gehri, Samuel Golly, Alix Hagen, Julie Henoch, Valentine Humbert, Marlo Karlen, Antoine Läng, Manuela Luterbacher, Gionata Morganti, Clémence Mermet, Jonas Parson, Julia Perazzini, Andrea Raemy, Fridolin Sallin, Élise Simonet / administration and production–France: Edwige Dousset, Garance Crouillère – Echelle 1:1 / administration and production–Switzerland: Milena Pellegrini, Margaux Duc et Gionata Morganti / delegated production: far° Nyon / co-production: Echelle 1:1, Belluard Bollwerk Fribourg, La Bâtie – Festival de Genève, Théâtre Saint-Gervais Genève, TPR - Théâtre populaire romand - Centre neuchâtelois des arts vivants La Chaux-de-Fonds / With the support of l’Institut Français de Paris

Jukebox 'Nyon' : collecte (2020)
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