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Extra Time

Eve Chariatte, I Finally Found a Place to Call Home, Bernadette Köbele

emerging artists and creation
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duration : approx. 220’
(including breaks)
1 evening / 3 shows

Extra Time aims to support, extend and stimulate artistic endeavours on the Swiss contemporary arts scene. Participants in this programme come as much from the performing arts scene as from other artistic fields and share the common trait of having the ability to bring a new perspective and develop a new approach to the stage or to performance. In this regard, Extra Time offers artistic assistance, enabling artists to produce original works by further developing an existing short play or engaging in a new project. The aim is to give them an opportunity to refine and share their research with the audience at far°. Each artist benefits from intensive follow-up over several months by a performing arts’ specialist who provides them with a theoretical analysis, a critical outside perspective and practical tools to help them question and refine their project. The far° team also strongly supports the artists by providing them with artistic, administrative, production, communication and distribution assistance.

Eve Chariatte, the duo I Finally Found a Place to Call Home (Isumi Grichting and Julie Bugnard) and Bernadette Köbele are the artists of this new chapter of Extra Time, which could not be presented last year and has been extended over two years.The artists were accompanied by the dramaturge and choreographer Adina Secretan (far° associate artist 2017- 2019). The artists will present their original projects during a joint evening.

Adina Secretan works in Switzerland and beyond as a performing and multidisciplinary artist. Since 2012 she has been pursuing artistic and militant research on issues of rights to the city, space and housing. Her projects regularly take the form of collective collaborations and invitations to other artists, as well as to people from other professional and social backgrounds. She also works as a dramaturge and artistic collaborator.

Les jeunes recrues du far° arrêtent le temps
Le Temps, 19 août 2021
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