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Health measures


Access to far° is possible without having to present any documents. However, we do have to collect the personal data of everyone who attends a performance, participates in a workshop or accesses the Cour des Marchandises. This data is collected when the ticket is purchased and at the entrance to the Cour des Marchandises. They are kept for 14 days following your visit to far°. In case of necessity (case of contamination with Covid-19), they are transmitted to the Cantonal doctor.

Room capacities are limited. Hand disinfection is compulsory on entering the halls and the wearing of a protective mask is compulsory inside. However, it is not necessary to wear a protective mask outside. These protective measures are subject to change, depending on the evolution of the health situation.

We thank you for your understanding.
Nyon, 20 July 2021 (translated with DeepL)



Do I have to present a Covid certificate or a negative antigenic test to come to far°?
No, but you must provide us with your personal data (postal address and telephone number) to enable the tracing of Covid-19 cases, if necessary.

Do I have to keep my mask on during the whole performance, if the show takes place in a hall?
Yes, it is necessary to keep your mask on as long as you are inside.

Can I go and have a drink at the far° refreshment bar without attending a performance?
Yes, it is possible to access the refreshment bar by leaving your details at the entrance to the Cour des Marchandises, subject to the number of people gathered (limited capacity). Food and beverages are consumed at the table only.

Do I have to leave my details at the entrance to the Cour des Marchandises if I have a ticket for a performance?
Yes, access to the Cour des Marchandises is not linked to shows.

Do I have to leave my details at the entrance to the Cour des Marchandises if I have received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine?
Yes, we need to collect personal data from all attendees (QR Code or paper form).