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Las Ultracosas

Cuqui Jerez (ES)

Swiss premiere
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duration : approx. 300’
this performance relies on an extended experience
possibility of taking breaks

With Las Ultracosas, Cuqui Jerez and her artistic team seek to explore the limits of language and to play on our expectations and attention. To achieve this, they explore the countless compositions created by the relationship between their bodies and a series of objects and costumes. Working on ambiguity, insinuation and suggestion, the performers create situations from which meaning evaporates and incomplete dramaturgical sequences accumulate, overlap and intrigue. There is a kind of contagion between the performers, they have in common in their look a dose of suspicion, fear, curiosity and uncertainty. Las Ultracosas is like a living painting, an aesthetic experience of contemplation that attracts attention like a magnet, with endless suspense and tension that is fuelled to excess.

Entretien avec Cuqui Jerez à propos de Las Ultracosas
Quim Pujol (2020)
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Un tableau vivant à Nyon
La Télé, 19 août 2021
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concept by Cuqui Jerez / created in collaboration with / performed by Oscar Bueno, Javier Cruz, Cecile Brousse, Anto Rodriguez, Louana Gentner, Jorge Salcedo and Gilles Gentner / scenography advisor: Jorge Salcedo / technical director and lights: Gilles Gentner / co-produced by: Teatros del Canal Madrid, Festival Next – Kunstencentrum Buda Kortrijk and Área de Gobierno de Cultura, Turismo y Deporte del Ayuntamiento de Madrid / Supported by Festival de Otoño de la Comunidad de Madrid in collaboration with Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía Madrid, Inland-Campoadentro Madrid, Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), Beatriz Quintana and Miguel Jerez