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Writing Workshop

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The Writing Workshop addresses performing arts from a written perspective, by encouraging the audience to activate and produce meaning. Writing ideas down, giving them a visual shape or sharing them out loud with a small group can help formulate, develop and share those ideas efficiently. Assisted by a performing arts specialist, the group of participants benefits from a formative and privileged framework to reflect on, discuss the shows and write about what that they have seen at far°. The workshop also includes meetings with artists present at the festival. This summer, the Writing Workshop will be designed and led by Rudi van der Merwe.
A public presentation of the written works may be planned for November 2022 (without obligation to take part).

Rudi van der Merwe, biography
Choreographer, director and dancer Rudi van der Merwe was born and brought up in Calvinia, South Africa. He studied theatre and French literature at the universities of Stellenbosch and Strasbourg. Afterwards he completed the “Exerce” MA programme in Dance at CCN and the University of Montpellier. Since 2004 he has been working as a performer with, among others, Gilles Jobin, Cindy van Acker, Perrine Valli and Yan Duyvendak and collaborating with artists such as Ayelen Parolin, Dana Michel, Jòzsef Trefeli, Marie-Caroline Hominal and Béatrice Graf on a variety of multidisciplinary projects.
His creations include I'd like to save the world, but I'm too busy saving myself, Trophée and Lovers, Dogs and Rainbows.
He presented his documentary Calvinia at the Visions du Réel festival in 2022.

Statement of intent by Rudi van der Merwe
In 2022 far° will take place under the title “Faire connivences” – an incentive to expand affinities by considering the non-human, others and the sensitive world. For the writing workshop, in order to give substance to these approaches united by an impulse to go towards, open up to and let ourselves be inspired by others, we will work on singing. That is to say, writing intended to immerse and envelop the speaker. A song can be simple and modest or complex and virtuoso. What unites these pieces is their desire to be offered to others in a sensual and generous act. In a second phase, for those who so wish, there will be the possibility of setting the piece of writing to music with a guest musician, and performing them.

Conditions of participation
The Writing Workshop is open to anyone who is curious and interested in writing and the performing arts.
The Writing Workshop will take place every day from 16 to 20 August and will include:
direction Writing work in the afternoon from 2pm to 6pm 
direction Attending the festival shows every evening from 15 August

The workshop will be conducted mainly in French. However, it is possible to write in other languages.


16–20 August period (6 evening shows and 5 writing sessions on the afternoons): CHF 150.– The tickets to the shows are included in the price.

One day writing session: CHF 35.00.– This price includes the ticket for one of the far°'s shows, which the participant will have attended before taking part in the workshop.


Registration – questions
Contact Nathalie Garbely | 022 365 15 51

The Swiss Literary Institute/Haute école des arts de Berne HKB and HEAD – Genève are the partner schools of the far° Writing Workshop.

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