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Floriane Mésenge, Jean-Daniel Piguet, Maxime Gorbatchevsky (FR,CH)

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duration : 100'
the performance will take place in any weather!

Suitable for all audiences
Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite

Autostop is a kaleidoscopic play, offered and performed by Floriane Mésenge, Jean-Daniel Piguet and Maxime Gorbatchevsky. 

Mésenge reveals fragments of her discussions with those who gave her a ride. With the complicity of Piguet and Gorbatchevsky, she shares with us the experience of the paradoxical intimacy of travelling, sometimes for long hours, in the vehicle of a stranger. Enclosed in the panorama of these non-places that are roads, these deceptively anodyne conversations give us the opportunity to see and hear a kaleidoscope of furtive encounters – sincere, awkward or frictional – like shining the headlights on the society we form.

Presse – Floriane Mésenge
24 Heures – 02.06.2022
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a project by Floriane Mésenge design & performance Floriane Mésenge, Jean-Daniel Piguet, Maxime Gorbatchevsky costumes Doria Gómez-Rosay music & sound Alexandre Menexiadis scenography, lighting Florian Leduc artistic expertise Romain Daroles outside eyes Sarah Anthony, Mélina Martin distribution Anthony Revillard administration, production Marianne Aguado, Guyves Tabrizian photography Nicolas Lieber video David Huwiler production La Compagnie du Rond-Point coproduction far° Nyon support Bourse de compagnonnage théâtral du Canton de Vaudet de la Ville de Lausanne 2020-2022.
For this grant, Floriane Mésenge benefits from the artistic support of Oscar Gómez Mata - and administrative support of Aymeric Demay – Compagnie l’Alakran, Loterie Romande, Fondation Nestlé pour l’art 

thanks to Les Hivernales