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Avec l’animal

Massimo Furlan & Claire de Ribaupierre (CH)

creation in situ
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duration : 70'
Soup is served at the end of the show

2nd part of Trilogie des liens
Suitable for all audiences

One is a hunter, the other a fisherman. Through their memories, personal anecdotes and old stories, they tell of their relationship with animals and the wild. This subtle testimony reveals some of the paradoxes of our time.

For several years, Massimo Furlan and Claire de Ribaupierre have been interviewing people who have a special relationship with the wilderness – wildlife rangers, game wardens, fishermen and hunters in the region, ecological theorists and philosophers.
Serge Bregnard and Bernard Magnin told them about the hours spent on the lookout for animals, discovery of the forest, and cohabitation with the river. In Avec l’animal, the two men share their memories and thoughts directly with the public. While they testify to the richness and the complexity of the relationship between humans and animals, they also reflect on the profound transformation of natural ecosystems. For far°, the Lausanne-based company has imagined an in situ version in the forest and with a view of the lake!


direction Sunday 14 August, 8.30pm : Avec l'animal will take place at the Marchandises venue (5, rue des Marchandises, Nyon)


Interview #vidygital Massimo Furlan / Claire de Ribaupierre – Avec l'animal
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design Massimo Furlan and Claire de Ribaupierre dramaturgy Claire de Ribaupierre performers Bernard Magnin, Serge Bregnard technical & video direction Jérôme Vernez lights Etienne Gaches sound Aurélien Chouzenoux administration & production Noémie Doutreleau distribution & production Jérôme Pique 

production Numero23Prod. coproduction Théâtre de Vidy (CH), Les 2 scènes – Besançon (FR) support far° festival des arts vivants Nyon, City of Lausanne, State of Vaud, Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council, Loterie Romande, Leenaards Foundation, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Migros Culture Percentage

thanks to Albert Bossy, Olivier de Mestral, Patrick Deythie, Eric Gobet, Frédéric Hoffmann, Father Hubert Niclass, Valérie Legrand-Germanier, Marie Musy, Alain Perusset, Denis Rique, François Bernard Savoy, Roger Zbinden