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Faire connivences



The 38th far° festival invites you to faire connivences, literally “make connivance” – a play on words that combines notions of meeting others and creating complicity. Beyond simply getting to know others, the idea is to foster complicity, understanding and collective intelligence. This impulse to weave affinities is the hallmark of performing arts. Indeed, while attending a performance, the rhythms of our hearts align and we physiologically form the audience.

We will hence foster complicity with this programme, designed for the last time mainly by Véronique Ferrero Delacoste, Philippe Oberson and Milena Pellegrini. As newcomers this winter, we happily established links with the artists in this line-up that features a rich array of theatre, dance and other performing arts. We thought up the title and bridged the gap between the invitation to the artists and their actual presence in August.

In 2022 far° encourages us to get to know and understand people whose life paths have required a large dose of resilience which we might in turn soak up (BicheMi vida en tránsitoFiguring Age). Clara Amaral for example leads us in search of autobiographical experiences by helping us discover the capacity of books to serve as living archives of an era. In the age of major ecological crises, the arts enable us to connect with the non-human world around us, to experience it in order to change our values in the fragile balance of the ecosystem of which we are an integral part (MOLDWith the AnimalLa Notte è il mio giorno preferitoRettilarioFluid Resilience). Attuned to the sounds of nature and moving between indoors and outdoors, the city and the countryside, Rettilario offers a natural immersion in the city centre of Nyon. To further soak up this nature, Massimo Furlan and Claire de Ribaupierre invite us to the plateau of St-Cergue, and artist Shannon Cooney to connect with the waters of the Boiron in Nyon. 

You might also go for a ride in Autostop on the roads of France and Switzerland with Floriane Mésenge, Jean-Daniel Piguet and Maxime Gorbatchevsky.

The performance hall is another ecosystem made up of the living and the non-living. BRUNO gives us the opportunity to see and guess how to create a different ecosystem in the common space that is the theatre.

A star explodes, particles spread out in space, a single body meets everything around it, Supernova! It is perhaps at this specific point that the dream world is closest to us. Similarly, Odd Meters whispers to us about the possible complicity between dream and reality, wakefulness and sleep.

Or might we become accomplices in spite of everything? Get along by overcoming any misunderstanding? Connect through the artists of Tie-Tool?

To complete this diversity of projects that will enable us to travel and connect, Laurent Pichaud puts singing in the spotlight in a sound archive of the long-running far° project …en jumelle – en chanté.

For several months, the young people of Dream Teen have been collaborating with artists and the far° team to offer the journey Par la fenêtre orange.

With respect to the wishes and needs of each individual, we are pleased to offer three RELAX performances for the first time (BicheAutostop and Fluid Resilience).

We look forward to connecting with the performances and artists this summer, and to learning, feeling and celebrating with you!

In August, let’s grow closer than ever!

Anne-Christine Liske with Nathalie Garbely, Ana Isabel Mazón, Doris Naclerio, Sofia Papaefthymiou, Sophie Tschachtli and the entire far° team