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Mi vida en tránsito

Elvio Ávila & Savino Caruso (AR,CH)

Premiere in Western Switzerland
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duration : 60'

German with French surtitles
Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite
Warning! Themes of depression and suicide are addressed

Mi vida en tránsito is the diary of an anti-journey and the testimony to a friendship that shines through, created by Elvio Ávila and Savino Caruso.

Caruso met Ávila when he was about to lose his residency status after several years in Switzerland. A friendship developed between the two men, which yielded nothing to the ferocity of immigration policies, and to the dizzying feeling of an existence wavering in the face of this uprooting. Ávila and Caruso give us a deeply human account of this love of art that unites them, beyond the vastness of the globe and the consecrated exiguity of a country that thinks of itself as a fortress in the necessity of breaking through the smokescreen of the male condition and its darker sides.

Mi vida en tránsito is an attempt to identify a human being stumbling with the possibilities of art and to reinject the energy thus acquired into the cycle of life. What kind of art do we want to create and what kind of life do we want to live? What happens when it’s not an artistic desire but the existential need of a human being, which is seen, understood and supported by another human being, that gives rise to artistic collaboration?”
— Elvio Ávila and Savino Caruso

Presse – Caruso + Avila
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Festival Go Go Go 2022 — Savino Caruso — interview En français sur Radio Vostok, enregistré lors de l’étape de travail en janvier 22
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artistic direction, performance Savino Caruso design, artistic direction, performance Elvio Yair Ávila dramaturgy Sebastian Gisi artistic support Beatrice Fleischlin stage design Isabelle Mauchle video technique & dramaturgy Eleonora Camizzi sound design Lena Brechbühl production Gilda Laneve coproduction Südpol Luzern 

support PREMIO – Performing Arts Promotion Prize, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council, Migros Culture Percentage