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Odd Meters

Mikko Niemistö (FI)

Swiss premiere
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duration : 60'

Suitable for all audiences
Peu ou pas de paroles Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite English speaker friendly

Odd Meters* is a high-wire dance, underpinned by dreams of, and performed by Mikko Niemistö. 

By making himself available to his dreams – to the way they unfold in non-linear time and tell non-stories – choreographer and dancer Niemistö attempts to disengage himself from a denatured, productivist, technological and sleepless relationship with the world. In order to break into the radically free space-time that is the dream world, he lets himself be guided by the unfiltered impulses of his paradoxical dream memories, which he has meticulously recorded, extending an invitation to inhabit other states of consciousness, to be in the world in a different way and to dance on the edge of subconsciousness, where different realities come together in a tempo that is joyfully erratic and crazy.

* “odd meters” is a musical term that designates an irregular and atypical metric of the tempo.

Mikko Niemistö parle de Odd Meters, au micro de WRS
WRS, 10.08.2022
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choreography, performance Mikko Niemistö original scenography Elina Lifländer sound composition Johannes Vartola and Mikko Niemistö lighting composition Teo Lanerva producer Riikka Thitz artistic advice Karolina Ginman international distribution advice Moving in November Festival production Zodiak, Mikko Niemistö residency Konstnärsnämndens internationella dansprogram Atalante/Bjällansås studio, Ehkä productions support Koneen säätiö, Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Suomen kulttuurirahasto, Svenska kulturfonden