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RELAX Performances


For the first time, far° will offer inclusive and welcoming RELAX performances.

The text below is an English translation of a text written in FALC (Easy to Read and Understand French), written by the association Out of the Box, which coordinates the Relax outings in Geneva.

What is a RELAX outing?
A RELAX outing is an inclusive cultural event. Inclusive means suitable for everyone. 

Everyone means:
People with disabilities.
Adults with a baby. 
The elderly.
People who are uncomfortable in closed public spaces.

How does it work?
Before the show:
Someone from the theatre welcomes you. You buy your ticket. Someone from the theatre gives you information about the show. You enter the venue. The lights dim a little. The show begins.

During the show:
The door to the venue remains open. That way you can come in and out whenever you want. The sounds of the show are soft. React however you want. For example, you can laugh very loudly. Someone from the theatre will be there if you need them.

At the end of the show you can:
Share a drink with your friends.
Talk about the show.
Ask someone in the theatre for help to get home, for example to find out about public transport timetables or call a taxi.

RELAX performances of the far° festival:
Thursday 11 August, 7pm: Marion Zurbach/Unplush, Biche 
Tuesday 16 August, 7pm: Floriane Mésenge, Maxime Gorbatchevsky, Jean-Daniel Piguet, Autostop 
Friday 19 August, 7pm: Shannon Cooney, Fluid Resilience

Come, you are welcome. There is always a RELAXed solution.

Thanks to Marilu Cali, Sorties RELAX of Théâtre du Grütli Geneva, for her precious advice.