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Sara Leghissa (IT)

Swiss premiere
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duration : 35'

Suitable for all audiences
Peu ou pas de paroles Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite English speaker friendly

Rettilario is an exercise in shifting attention, where natural and artificial worlds collide and intersect, offered by Sara Leghissa.

“The reptile house is a space where the life of small animals becomes the object of human attention. On this occasion, performer Sara Leghissa invites the audience, both inside and outside the Rettilario, to shift their perception from one scale to another, from the macro to the microscopic, and vice versa. In doing so, the nature of what we can see and hear shifts to new, more abstract, less defined territories, colours, shapes, structures, textures, rhythmic patterns, which defamiliarise the way we perceive our own environment, and give way to their artificiality. How can we make a piece of the city resonate, by collecting and accumulating some of the materials that make it up? To explore these questions, the artist takes inspiration from foley, i.e., the reproduction of everyday sound effects for film dubbing. Through an experiment in the superimposition of different soundscapes and the daily life of the city, a voice is given to the humanity that runs through it. 
— Sara Leghissa

fleche Join Sara Leghissa and Annamaria Ajmone, MCs of Nessuno, for the closing party of the festival, Saturday 20 August at 10 pm in cour des Marchandises.

design Sara Leghissa installation designed in collaboration with Tomas Gonzalez scenography Marzia Dalfini support sound Manuela Schininà light Manuel D’Onofrio executive production Martina Merico production Associazione L’Altra coproduction Azienda Speciale Palexpo – Mattatoio, Progetto Prendersi Cura Roma, Parallèle Festival Marseille, Lieux Publics Marseille, Les Tombées de la Nuit Rennes support Triennale Teatro dell’Arte Milano, Base Milano, far° festival des arts vivants Nyon company supported by Mic_Ministero della Cultura 

thanks to EEEEH!